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2017 Daylily Daze

June 23-24

10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Daylily Daze:  During these days we are open from 10 a.m. to 5 pm.  No appointment is necessary during these days but due to the large amount of visitors that normally visit during this time we cannot dig your order while you wait.  We do, however, have daylilies available in pots in limited quantities and have selected varieties predug.  We do take orders during these days that can be picked up at another time or shipped directly to your home or you can call  at least one week ahead and have an order ready to pick up when you visit .

Visiting The Garden:  Garden visitors are welcome anytime but please call and make an appointment several days ahead so that we can meet you and dig your order while you wait.  Peak bloom season in Kentucky is mid-June thru July so this is the best time to view the blooms if you are unable to visit during our annual Daylily Daze when the garden is open all day without an appointment.

Group visits: Garden clubs, daylily clubs and groups of friends and family are all especially welcome to come visit. We can give your group personalized attention if you would call ahead so we'll know you are coming. Also, large groups may want to inquire about visiting on days other than our normal open garden days so that we will have plenty of time to spend with you. 

finchville, daylily, gardens, garden, daylilies,

All of your plants will be freshly dugwhen you order. The leaves are trimmed and the plants are washed and air-dried. 

Order Online:  Link to Online Store Our order form is secure so using your credit card is safe and can be used through Paypal without a Paypal account! For online orders, we can ship to U.S. only.

Sales Tax: Kentucky residents are required to pay 6% sales tax on purchases.

Shipping Season: Our daylily shipping season is April - October.  

Delivery Date: If you do not request a specific date, we will estimate a correct Spring shipping date for Spring orders, and we will send Summer and Fall orders as soon as possible, normally within one to two weeks, generally shipping on Monday of the week.

Minimum Order: $4.95 before shipping & handling

Shipping Method: Plants are normally shipped regular Priority Mail USPS.  If you prefer another method, please call and we will accommodate your request at a different shipping rate.

Shipping and Handling Charges: A handling charge of $8.00 plus the following shipping charges:
    Order before tax                     Shipping Fee
    $     4.95 - $  24.99                                $ 3.00
    $    25.00 - $ 49.99                                   5.00
    $    50.00 - $ 99.99                                   7.00
    $100.00 - $149.99                                   9.00
    $150.00 - $199.99                                 11.00
    $200.00 - $299.99                                 12.00
    $300.00 - $399.99                                 15.00
    $400.00 - $499.99                                 17.00
    $500.00 - $599.99                                 19.00
    $600.00 - $999.99                                 21.00

BONUS PLANT:   We normally include a bonus plant in each order, chosen by us.

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